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We’ve listed some of the top companies in the US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, and the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ that are actively hiring veterans, or have a extensive veteran hiring program.

These companies have so many opportunities to help veterans like you discover your next career.

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Salesforce veteran jobs. Vetforce
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Salesforce’s commitment to supporting veterans is exemplified through its military network, which is an initiative that underscores the company’s dedication to providing career opportunities and resources to those who have served in the military. This network not only acknowledges the unique skills and experiences that veterans bring to the workforce but also offers tangible support in transitioning from military to civilian careers. A cornerstone of this initiative is Salesforce’s Trailhead program, a remarkable platform offering free training that is especially beneficial for veterans.

The Trailhead program is a testament to Salesforce’s understanding of the challenges veterans face when entering the civilian job market. By providing free access to this comprehensive learning tool, Salesforce empowers veterans with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the fast-growing field of technology. The program covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of Salesforce’s own software to broader subjects like business administration and data management.Β 

This flexibility allows veterans to tailor their learning to their personal career aspirations, making it an incredibly versatile resource. The barrier to entry is low and means if you are serving, or have served, you can register and gain access pretty quickly. This means you do not have to pay to do any expensive programming courses, or degrees, all you need is computer access and internet.

There is a sense of camaraderie and shared understanding within this network, which is invaluable during a transition that can sometimes feel isolating. The network also provides mentorship opportunities, connecting you with experienced professionals who can offer guidance, advice, and insights about navigating a career in the tech industry.

Depending on how far you go through trailhead, will depend on what direction you want to take. There is nothing stopping you from achieving architect status as your journey will be tailored around your own speed of learning and time available. Salesforce for many years have understood how valuable veterans are and have done everything they can to help you get into the technology sector because they really know your value and worth. Check them out!Β 

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As a veteran or military spouse considering your next career move, Amazon presents a remarkable opportunity for you to leverage your unique skills and experiences in a dynamic and innovative environment.

Amazon’s commitment to the military community is evident in its ambitious and remarkable goal to hire over 100,000 U.S. veterans and military spouses by 2024, a significant increase from their previous target of 25,000 by 2021, a goal they far exceeded.

At the time of writing this, Amazon employs more than 40,000 veterans and military spouses across various business sectors, including Operations, Sustainment, Devices, Robotics, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

One unique aspect of Amazon’s commitment to veterans is the emphasis on skill development and career advancement. The company has pledged $1.2 billion towards employee upskilling, offering free skills training, tuition support, and various certifications.

This initiative aims to enhance your abilities and prepare you for higher-paying roles within the company. Additionally, the Military Mentoring Program connects new veteran employees with experienced Amazonians who have successfully transitioned from the military, offering guidance and support during your first year at Amazon.

Amazon’s Skillbridge program offers fellowship and apprenticeship roles, providing valuable hands-on experience and training in a wide range of fields. This program is part of Amazon’s larger goal to ensure a seamless transition for service members into civilian careers​

Amazon’s commitment to the military community is not just about job opportunities; it’s about recognizing and valuing the diverse experiences and perspectives you bring. This holistic approach makes Amazon an excellent choice for veterans and military spouses looking for a meaningful and rewarding career post-military service.

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As you consider your next career step after military service, JPMorgan Chase offers a supportive and dynamic environment that recognizes and values the unique skills and experiences you bring from your military background.

Their dedication to aiding veterans and military spouses in transitioning to civilian careers is evident through their comprehensive Military and Veterans Affairs initiatives.

These programs focus on harnessing the professional abilities you’ve acquired in the military and applying them effectively in the civilian workforce, ensuring that your transition is both smooth and successful.

The company runs several initiatives under its Military and Veterans Affairs programs. One key program is the Military Pathways Development Program, designed to help veterans like you transfer your military skills to the civilian workforce. Through this program, veterans have found roles in various areas like tech strategy and banking operations, applying their leadership skills and strategic thinking developed during their military service.

JPMorgan Chase is also one of the founding members of the Veteran Jobs Mission, a coalition of over 300 companies dedicated to hiring veterans. Since its inception in 2011, the coalition has hired more than 900,000 veterans, with the goal of hiring over 2 million by 2030, reflecting a strong commitment to providing veterans with meaningful employment opportunities.

JPMorgan Chase’s Military Pathways Skillbridge Program is specifically designed for transitioning military personnel. This program is part of the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program and aims to bridge the gap between military service and entering the civilian workforce. It offers roles like Commercial Bank Client Service Associate and focuses on transferring highly desired skills to JPMC, ensuring a smooth transition for service members.

These programs and initiatives at JPMorgan Chase demonstrate their commitment to helping you, as a veteran or military spouse, find not just a job but a rewarding career path that leverages the skills and experiences you’ve gained in the military.Β 

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Tesla offers a unique opportunity to continue serving a mission-driven cause. Their commitment to sustainable energy aligns well with the values and skills you’ve developed in the military, providing a platform where you can make a significant impact.

They are actively recruiting veterans across various roles, including manufacturing, logistics, sales, and IT, and their inclusive culture is fostered by the Vets at Tesla program, an employee resource group that helps veterans and their families integrate into the Tesla workforce.

This group offers social, professional, and educational opportunities, creating a supportive community for veterans transitioning into civilian life. Additionally, Tesla extends generous benefits to support your transition, including full medical coverage, family care, early childhood education support, 401(k) plans, and discounted stock options.

The culture at Tesla, known for its high operational tempo and intensity, resonates well with the skills and experiences you’ve acquired in the military. Veterans at Tesla have found that the demanding and fast-paced environment at Tesla is akin to their experiences in the military, making the transition smoother.

Former military personnel have been able to utilize their leadership skills, attention to detail, and crisis management experience in various roles at Tesla, aligning with the company’s mission to solve the climate crisis through innovative energy solutions.

Tesla’s veteran hires are a testament to the company’s commitment to leveraging the unique skills and discipline that veterans bring to the workforce. The company values the leadership, teamwork, and strategic thinking skills that are inherent in military training, making veterans a perfect fit for Tesla’s culture of innovation and relentless pursuit of goals.

BAE Systems logo
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BAE Systems stands out as an exceptional choice. The company not only values the skills and discipline honed during your time in service, but actively seeks to integrate them into their workforce.

Their commitment to supporting veterans like you is reflected in their targeted programs and initiatives, designed to ease the transition into a new professional chapter where your military experience is both respected and utilized.

BAE Systems recognizes the importance of the skills and experiences gained during military service. Their commitment to helping veterans transition to civilian careers is evident through various initiatives.

The Warrior Integration Program (WIP), established in 2008, is a notable example. This multi-year rotational program is designed specifically for post-9/11 service members from Combat Arms and Combat Support Military Occupational Specialties. It aims to integrate these veterans into BAE Systems and provide them with the necessary training, mentorship, and opportunities for career progression.

The program includes rotational assignments, technical and leadership training, advanced education, and exposure to different company functions, setting the stage for a successful new career path.

BAE Systems also offers a range of perks and benefits tailored to support veterans in their transition. These include a Veterans Support Network, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, health and wellness programs, military leave, and various employee discount programs.

This comprehensive support system reflects BAE Systems‘ dedication to creating an environment where your skills and experiences as a veteran are valued and can continue to make a significant impact.

lockhead martin
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Lockheed Martin offers an environment where your unique skills and experiences are highly valued.

This leading aerospace and defense company recognizes the incredible contribution veterans bring to the civilian workforce.

With a commitment to innovation and a focus on advanced technology, Lockheed Martin provides an opportunity for you to continue making a significant impact, much like you did in your military service.

Lockheed Martin places a strong emphasis on hiring veterans, understanding the unique skills and perspectives you bring. Nearly one in five of their employees has served in uniform, highlighting their commitment to integrating veterans into their workforce.

The company provides various opportunities across different domains, including aircraft, all-domain operations, and transformative technology, where your military skills can be directly applied. One of their leading initiative programmes is called The Lockhead Martin Heroes Program’ Β which offers SkillBridge programs tailored for transitioning military personnel, veterans, military spouses and caregivers. Each program is carefully crafted to equip you with the necessary skills and confidence to successfully transition into the professional world after your military service.

The company’s culture is built around the values of respect, integrity, and excellence, resonating well with the discipline and leadership skills developed in the military. Lockheed Martin not only provides a platform for you to continue contributing to national security and technological advancement, but also supports your transition with a range of programs and resources designed specifically for veterans.

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A company well worth considering isΒ the dynamic opportunities at UPS, a company that deeply appreciates the skills and experiences you bring as a veteran. UPS recognizes that transitioning from military to civilian work can be a significant change, but your unique skill sets, honed through service, align perfectly with their values like accountability, integrity, and commitment to others.

At UPS, a key initiative designed for veterans like you is their new management training program. This program is particularly crafted to facilitate a smooth transition from active duty to a civilian career, offering a structured pathway into full-time management roles within the organization.

The nine-week training program, currently piloted in California and set to expand to Texas, provides an immersive introduction to UPS operations. It includes graduating from Integrad, UPS’s premier driver training program, and hands-on experience during the peak holiday season.

This fast-tracked approach is designed to maximize your potential and leverage your military skills effectively in a civilian setting.

The program’s comprehensive training covers various aspects, including safety methods, preload, telematics, and labor training, ensuring that you are well-equipped to perform efficiently and effectively. By the end of the program, you’ll not only have a profound understanding of UPS’s operational framework but also be on track for a promising management role.

This initiative is a testament to UPS’s commitment to supporting veterans. They recognize that veterans, like you, have families and financial responsibilities post-service.

In addition, the Veterans Business Resource Group at UPS is an inclusive community that connects people with a shared passion for supporting military members. It’s a space where you can share experiences, learn from each other, and propel your career forward within a culture that resonates with your military values.