Remote Jobs Offer More Opportunities to Veterans

Only one in four US veterans have a job lined up after leaving the armed forces. If you aren’t one of them, it’s possible that you’re struggling to imagine yourself working a 9-5 office job after years of military service.

Physical challenges or a lack of applicable skills may even leave these jobs off the cards for you. Luckily, remote positions now offer a viable alternative for many veterans.

Whilst remote working and remote jobs have always existed, the pandemic of 2020 really amplified the number of organisations offering remote jobs. At the time of writing this article, there are hundreds or thousands of remote jobs available, and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down in industries such as Technology.

In this article, we’ll consider the benefits of remote working, as well as outlining the top 5 remote jobs for veterans.

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Remote Jobs for Veterans

Remote jobs aren’t for everyone, and not every veteran will naturally suit a remote role. Before considering a job like this, you’ll need to be prepared for isolation that may be a far cry from your more social military life.

However, as we discussed briefly in our previous article about remote jobs for veterans, a remote position might be well-suited for you if;

  • You intend to spend more time with your family
  • You live in a rural area
  • You’re dealing with an ongoing injury/mobility challenges

Remote jobs that call on skills possessed by most veterans, including self-discipline and dedication, can also provide a gradual adjustment to civilian life.

Unlike working dedicated hours in an office job, remote positions offer the opportunity to control your workload and hours, as well as manage your working environment. The flexibility of remote jobs can also provide additional time for things like training courses, and even post-service medical appointments as required

The Top 5 Remote Jobs for Veterans

Many remote companies are now realizing the value of veteran skill sets, and there are some fantastic remote jobs for veterans. The top 5 remote positions for veterans to consider are:

Project Management

Earn between $90k-$146k a year

A remote project manager (PM) will work closely with entire teams or stakeholders to plan, execute, and finalize specific projects which might include marketing drives or product delivery.

The responsibilities of a project manager include team leadership and resource management, which should ensure that a project runs smoothly and delivers required targets. Much like a mission within your military position.

Project managers may work within a specific company on a range of different projects, or they may work as contractors within different companies. This level of flexibility can be fantastic for veterans with ongoing post-service commitments such as medical appointments. Project management positions are also well-suited to veterans due to transferable skills which include;

  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk management

A Bachelor’s degree in related fields such as business or management is preferable but not a requirement for most PM positions. However, the majority of PM roles do ask for around three years of experience.

Depending on your rank or military role, you may already have this experience, or at least the ability to display the required skill sets. You could also gain experience by either completing an internship or seeking entry-level jobs such as project coordinator or assistant project manager.

Gaining additional qualifications like a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) can also help veterans enter this field, and can be pursued alongside remote entry-level PM positions to advance your project management career

Cybersecurity Analyst

Earn between $56k-$120k a year

Cybersecurity analysts are individuals who safeguard an organization’s digital assets by monitoring and responding to security incidents.

To achieve this, cybersecurity analysts, who tend to be trained cyber professionals, must develop an in-depth understanding of a company’s IT infrastructure, and continually look for ways to protect any sensitive information, such as client details or project files.

Cybersecurity Analyst jobs for Veterans

Day-to-day, a cybersecurity analyst will complete tasks that include security audits and regular network updates.

Cybersecurity analyst roles are particularly well-suited to veterans with a background in intelligence, where they may have already completed similar tasks. However, veterans from a wide range of backgrounds also possess applicable skills for a cybersecurity analyst role that may require:

  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Problem-solving

The high levels of security clearance held by many veterans are also incredibly desirable to cybersecurity analyst roles, especially when those positions are within government agencies or banks.

Aside from security clearance, the majority of cybersecurity analysts should possess at least a Bachelor’s degree, though experience is typically preferable. 82% of organizations also prefer cybersecurity job candidates with at least one certification.

Applicable cybersecurity certifications include the certified information systems security professional (CISSP), though this does require a cumulative of five years of paid experience in the field. Other entry-level certifications that could help veterans secure a cybersecurity analyst role include the Certified Ethical Hacker, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and CompTIA A+.

Logistics Coordinator

Earn between $36k-$56k a year

Logistics coordinators typically oversee a company’s supply chain operations, including the storage and transportation of any company inventory.

The daily responsibilities of a remote logistics coordinator may include communicating delivery information to all relevant parties, coordinating and monitoring supply chain operations, and optimizing shipping and transport procedures.

Working form home veterans

Logistics coordinators are also responsible for logging and recording all warehouse stock, as well as preparing accurate stock reports to present to management teams.

In short, logistics coordinators need to be problem solvers, making this a fantastic job for veterans who are seeking a new remote challenge. From the comfort of their own homes, veterans can apply a range of applicable skills to this new position, including;

  • Organizational and coordination capabilities
  • Communication skills
  • The ability to address challenges quickly.

The need to track stock across potentially disparate IT systems means that Logistics coordinators could benefit from a level of IT experience, particularly across logistics software. As such, veterans with intelligence or tech experience are well-suited. Outside of IT requirements, logistics coordinators should also possess;

  • An in-depth knowledge of cross-border laws and regulations
  • At least several years of experience in some kind of logistics operation
  • A Bachelor’s degree in a related field such as supply chain management
  • Experience in customer service

In some cases, it is possible to secure a logistics coordinator role with only an associate degree. Veterans may also find that they can gain entry-level training within associated roles including shipping or receiving clerks.

While not a requirement, additional certifications can also help to secure logistics coordinator positions and may include certifications obtained through the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM).

Online Instructor/Trainer

Earn between $39k-$83k a year

Online instructors/trainers are individuals who deliver increasingly popular online courses to remote students, who may include professionals completing certification courses, or individuals who are in higher education.

One very popular example is teaching English to students based in Asia or within the US. You of course would need to have a very good understanding of English to teach it.

The role of an online instructor will typically include communicating with students, sending and receiving course materials, and also offering technical support where required.

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Skills Required

Most online instructors will use a learning management software (LMS) and should be familiar with its workings. Online instructors may also need to use video-conferencing platforms (Like Zoom or Microsoft Teams).

Outside of tech requirements, an online instructor must develop a high-quality, knowledgeable curriculum using their own subject knowledge. That said, if you feel that you have the skills to teach a subject that you’re passionate about, this could be a good place to start if you wanted to start your own business.

Online instructor positions can be a good option for veterans with a wide wealth of knowledge in a topic which may include conflict resolution, but without the applicable experience to secure a role within that industry right now.

Online instructor roles can be incredibly satisfying and, rarely for a remote role, can be very social. An online instructor position may also draw on many of the capabilities within a veteran’s skill set, including:

  • Camaraderie and teamwork
  • Concise communication skills
  • Organization and oversight
  • Patience
  • Creative problem solving

Online instructor jobs are an especially appealing entry-level option for veterans. There are plenty of entry-level online instructor positions for individuals who require them.

As with any role, you can earn more based on your qualifications, with online instructors who possess a Bachelor’s degree and a teaching qualification able to earn far more.

However, veterans can complete flexible teaching qualifications while working as online instructors, allowing them to enhance their earnings while also gaining immediate on-the-job experience that’ll make it easier to secure future roles.

IT Support Specialist

Earn between $120k-$147k a year

An IT support specialist is an individual who is responsible for handling technology issues, either for internal clients or external customers.

Remote IT support specialists will typically offer support via telephone or web chat and may be required to resolve or analyze issues with a business-specific program, or with more general troubleshooting problems such as reconnecting a device back to the internet. (We’ve all been there right?)

IT specialist positions are available within a range of different industries, including private companies, government organizations, and even schools or hospitals.

Online Instructor/Trainer veterans job hub

IT support positions are great for veterans looking for a challenge, who want to continue giving something back. It’s useful to have some experience with computer operating systems, so this remote role is best suited to veterans who worked with technology and software within the military.

Other veteran skills that you’ll use within this role include:

  • Excellent verbal communication
  • Analytical thinking/problem-solving
  • The ability to adapt and change
  • Attention to detail

As mentioned, IT support specialists should possess some understanding of technology, which should include operating systems as well as hardware and software. However, while some employers do prefer an IT-related degree or qualification, it is typically possible to secure this position based on skill alone.

Veterans with even a basic IT understanding can also significantly enhance the possibility of becoming an IT support specialist by pursuing CompTIA A+ certification or similar.

Get Ready to Work With Remote Jobs For Veterans

Remote positions might not be right for every veteran, but they do provide a great option for veterans seeking a flexible, gradual adjustment to civilian life. Remote positions that allow you to fit your time around additional educational pursuits can also provide a great stop-gap if you’re uncertain of what to do next.

No matter your military experience, the wide range of remote jobs for veterans now available makes it easier than ever to find a role that suits you. Simply consider your experience and skills from your military experience, and start searching for top remote jobs for veterans with the help of Veterans Job Hub today.