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Top Overseas Jobs for Veterans in 2024

Overseas jobs for veterans are not only very popular but can also be very lucrative.

Anyone who’s served in the military knows how spending time overseas is a vital and often one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

So, if you’re keen to continue exploring the world while you work, keep reading to discover – what we believe to be – the top five overseas jobs for veterans in 2024.

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Overseas Jobs For Veterans

How Attending Networking Events As A Veteran Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Networking, you’ve probably heard of this term before and if used correctly can be very powerful, and can lead to vital connections and relevant industry in-points.

In this guide we’ll talk you through how you can start networking and avoid the small talk.

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veterans networking

Jobs for Veterans, The Ultimate Guide

So, you’re considering leaving the military?

We know that transitioning from military to civilian life presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities, especially when it comes to choosing your next career path.

At VeteransJobHub.com, we understand that this isn’t just about finding a job – it’s about discovering a new purpose, a role where your skills, experiences, and passions can come together in a fulfilling and meaningful way.

In this guide we’ll guide you through finding jobs for veterans, resume guides, interview tips and so much more. This guide is the only one you’ll need to help you find your next career after the Military.

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Our Top 5 Remote Jobs for Veterans

Whilst remote working and remote jobs have always existed, the pandemic of 2020 really amplified the number of organisations offering remote jobs.

At the time of writing this article, there are hundreds or thousands of remote jobs available, and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down, particularly in industries such as Technology.

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Online Instructor/Trainer veterans job hub

Our Top Job Interview Tips for Veterans

As a veteran applying for jobs is both daunting and exciting, especially for those who have spent several years serving in the military. Veterans have impressive skill sets, but can face unique challenges when transitioning between military and civilian life.

As veterans ourselves we know how hard the transition is, so in this guide we’ll provides a comprehensive list of job interview tips for veterans, and key steps that are designed to help veterans like you find jobs and ace interviews.

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Security Cleared Jobs: Everything You Need To Know

Finding jobs as a veteran can be challenging. You spent a large portion of your adult life serving and are now thrust back into the modern working world.

Thankfully, you’ve got a plethora of transferable skills and there are many jobs out there suited to your expertise. Being a veteran means you might have some level of security clearance.

Your level of security clearance might open up a few different options for you, and we think you’ll be surprised how many security cleared jobs exist for veterans – but what should you know before going down this route?

Our article explains all the key things to consider and be aware of if you’re interested in a job that requires a certain level of security clearance.

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SC Jobs Security Cleared Jobs: Everything You Need To Know

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A Beginners Guide to get a Close Protection Job

Becoming a Close Protection Officer (CPO) or Executive Protection Agent (EPA), is a popular choice for many leaving the military. That is why at Veterans Job Hub we decided to give you a guide of what you can expect [...]

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10 reasons why you should be hiring veterans into your organisation

We thought it would be useful for employers looking to create jobs for veterans, or looking to start hiring veterans for us to share some of our best insights on this topic.

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Remote Jobs For Veterans

In this article we will look at what types of remote jobs for veterans are out there, and explore how you can access them. Lets first of all ask ourselves why this trend has increased? We've all seen the [...]

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From Marine to Managing Multi-£Billion Defense Contracts

Veteran Interview: We spoke with Rob Kelly from Frazer-Nash Consultancy, on how he transitioned from a career in the Marines to Public Sector Procurement.

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Rob Kelly veteran

Transition from Royal Marine to the Financial World

In this insightful interview, Rob shares the hurdles he overcame, the strategies he employed, and his top tips for veterans making a similar leap into the corporate world.

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Rob Lye Northern Trust